Reach Out Church is involved in supporting various organizations and ministries found in the Hudson Valley and also around the world. Below you can find information on these organizations that we regularly support.

Dr. Billy & Laura Ng

billyandlauraDr. Billy Ng is the Pastor of Southgate Ministries in Waterville, NY. Once a part of Reach Out Church’s congregation, Billy followed God’s calling upon his life to serve as a missionary in Romania from 1999-2016. In that time, he met and married his wife Laura, he founded Overcomers Church in Oradea, Romania, and authored two books – Witnessing To Dracula and Jesus Revolution.

Care Net Pregnancy Center

CareNetThe Care Net Pregnancy Center of the Hudson Valley provides free and confidential counselling to women who suspect that they may be pregnant. They provide information and cousneling in a comforting environment to women who may feel distressed during a potentially difficult time of their lives. You can find more information at

MF2_small_mediumMarriage Savers

Marriage and Family Savers Ministries was founded in 1997 by Reverends Bill and Penny Banuchi to bring healing to broken relationships and restoration to hurting families through personal counseling and marriage seminars. You can find more information at

world_map_logoWorld MAP

World MAP is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission by equipping national church leaders in third world nations for ministry and evangelism. You can find more information at

Harvest Preparation International Ministries

HPIM-Logo-2Within our International Apostolic Council (IAC) and Network of Ministries, is a resource of gifted and well equipped teachers and pastors. These men and women serve sacrificially to carry the vision and message of HPIM to pastors and leaders in nations where there is great need for teaching and training. Each year several teams from the IAC and Network, travel to designated places; teaching in seminars that are organized by international leaders, through our Home Office in Sarasota, FL. This enables HPIM to touch and train thousands of pastors and leaders each year.