Description of Food Pantry and Food Distribution Program

The Reach Out Food Pantry is volunteer administered and operated on Fridays. The pantry attempts to provide several days of meals to each family, depending on the size of the family and the stock available in the pantry. The pantry provides all foods and additional items (such as hygiene items) free of charge to the recipients. The Reach Out Food Pantry is God’s Word in action, feeding those in need whether it be temporarily or permanently. It is also an opportunity for volunteers to grow in service to the Lord – offering compassion, conversation, and prayer to those who come through its doors.

Hours of Operation: Every Friday of the month – 2:00-4:30 p.m.

Identification Requirements:

Policy now requires a more stringent identification that reads, “Photo identification with a Dutchess County address for the primary registrant, and identification is required for all individuals claimed for the house each time recipients visit the pantry.”

First time visitors:

First time visitors to our food pantry complete a Recipient Profile (name; address; phone; annual income; number of children, adults, senior citizens in the household). These profiles are kept on file for the Regional Food Bank of New York State. At each visit, recipients sign in on a form that indicates they are receiving food that date, and the information on their profile will be verified. Photo identification with a Dutchess County address is required (see above). Our pantry is not in the position to deliver groceries to households; recipients must come to the pantry to receive food.

Income Guidelines:

The Reach Out Food Pantry follows the income guidelines established for USDA distribution and is provided to us by the Regional Food Bank. Recipients may visit the Reach Out Food Pantry one time per month. Recipients sign a receipt for the food pantry records each time they receive food.

Members of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York

We purchase our food from the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. The Reach Out Food Pantry is an approved member of the Regional Food Bank and follows its directives and requirements.

For information, please contact our Food Pantry Directors Alan & Ingrid Kulick through the Church Office at 845-229-6080.